Stroft ABR Leader - 100m
Stroft ABR Leader - 100m

Stroft ABR Leader - 100m

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0.30mm - 8kg ~ 18lbs

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STROFT ABR like GTM is a very successful fishing line worldwide due to its outstanding qualities. High tensile strength and optimum elasticity and suppleness have made this line an absolute favourite amongst anglers of all persuasions, seeking a reliable line for premium applications.

When anglers encounter stones, crustaceans and other abrasives they ought to look no further than STROFT ABR given its superior abrasion resistance. The line is also appreciated amongst fly fishermen as leader and tippet material.


  • Polyamidealloy
  • Colour: Light brown transparent
  • Breaking strain with uni knot up to 96 %
  • Eftta Line charter approved
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