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Scott L2H Fly Rod

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Brand:  Scott

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Scott L2H Fly Rod

Scott has introduced a smooth and powerful new line of Spey and Switch Rods that will fit all of todays casting styles. It doesn’t matter if you are in the Orkla river fishing with heavy sink-tips on a Skagit line, fishing a Scandi lines on a light Switch Rod, or covering giant water with a Traditonal Long Bellies on a 15 footer, the new L2H has you covered.

Scott L2H series two handed rods are designed and optimized for today’s new line tapers and casting styles. Scott is the industry leader in developing blank technologies that help reduce torque. What this means to the average guy is the fact you will be able to get the most out of your two-handed fishing.

Scott have incorporated many of these innovations into our new L2H series of two handed rods so you can get the most of your two handed fishing. These rods transfer power smoothly and are incredibly stable when changing directions or applying forward stroke power. They cast flatter, tighter loops that deliver greater distance and accuracy.

Components are top of the line, with new grips shaped from Super grade cork, TiCh coated reel seats with self aligning slide hoods, and TiCh stripping guides that feature SiC inserts.

Even at the budget minded price point the consumer isn’t giving up anything in quality; just like every rod Scott makes they are hand built from start to finish in Montrose, Colorado.



  • Scott is the leader in composite blank reinforcement. The latest Advanced Reinforced Carbon adds hoop strength and counteracts torque which significantly increases casting accuracy and line control.


  • Creating a natural finish blank requires exacting tolerances, more care, and shows off the beauty of graphite. The Scott natural finish is all about making your rod lighter, more durable and better performing.


  • Scott pioneered multi-modulus lay-up in blank design. They’re able to precisely control stiffness along the length of the rod to build rods that load and unload more smoothly.


  • Every Scott rod is handcrafted, beginning to end, in their shop in Montrose, Colorado by anglers who understand fly rods. Isn’t it better to know who built your rod?

Action Profiles

  • Flex Profile: Medium Fast
  • Recovery Speed: Medium Fast
  • Connections: Sleeve Ferrules


Scott fly rods purchased from Serious Country Sports and registered within 30 days of purchase are guaranteed for life by Scott via Fly Fish Europe. That way you can fish worry free, knowing you are covered. >> Register Warranty <<


  • We ship worldwide using FedEx. You order will be updated with a shipper reference as soon as it shipped so you can track it effectively. Transit Times are usually 3-5 days. 
Model Handle profile Length Description
L2H 1105/4 #5 11'0" A light switch rod that can fished either overhead or two handed for half pounders and for applying two handed techniques for trout.
L2H 1106/4 #6 11'0" This light line switch rod is perfect for targeting summer runs or for taking your two handed game to the trout stream.
L2H 1157/4 #7 11'6" A great all-purpose switch rod for the Great Lakes and small to medium size rivers in the Pacific Northwest. This rod has the grunt to lift heavy rigs and turn powerful fish.
L2H 1158/4 #8 11'6" A great rod for heavy lifting in the switch rod category. Perfect Great Lakes tributaries rod, and equally at home on the classic steelhead runs of the Pacific Northwest.Sinking lines and the new compact heads pair perfectly with this rod.
L2H 1256/4 #6 12'6" The L2h 1256/4 handles floating lines and lightly weighted flies with ease. A great choice for fishing lighter flies and tips on today's Skagit and Scandinavian heads.
L2H 1257/4 #7 12'6" Light, smooth and responsive, this is an ideal rod for most steelhead and salmon conditions. This rod casts beautiful long flat loops and has a progressive bending curve to supply power when it's needed.
L2H 1308/4 #8 13'0" A fast powerful rod that pairs well with Scandi heads or Skagit style lines. Great for sink tips, and short quick casting strokes.
L2H 1409/4 #9 14'0" The all around work horse of the L2h series, this rod covers most conditions with smooth power and crisp clean loops. A very adaptable rod that handles both floating and sinking lines, and a variety of line tapers equally well.If you fish bigger water for heavier fish, this is a great choice.
L2H 1510/4 #10 15'0" The big gun. Take this rod on early season high water trips or when coastal rivers are swollen with winter rains and long casts with heavy tips and big flies are called for. You'll be well prepared.

Scott design rods for high performance and build them to last a lifetime.  Sometimes things don't go as planned and you break a rod. Sometimes even they mess up!  It's for these occasions that Scott warranty their fly rods and have a dedicated repair department of rod craftsmen.

Scott Graphite and Glass-Fibre Warranty

The Scott Lifetime Warranty applies only to the original owner of new graphite and fiberglass rods, purchased from an authorized Scott dealer, that are registered within 30 days of purchase.  Unregistered or resold rods are not covered by this warranty. Rods purchased from third party sites such as Ebay are not covered by the warranty. The warranty does not cover loss or theft, loss or damage caused by transportation such as airlines, UPS, FedEx, US Mail, intentional damage, or damage from neglect. Scott guarantees every registered fly rod and blank we craft with a serial number greater than 35,000 (made prior to ~1994). Thread colours may vary from those on the original rod. Discontinued cosmetic options and components may be replaced with their most comparable equivalent.

Scott SC Warranty

Every Scott bamboo rod comes with a warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. This warranty is valid for the original owner only. Any modification and/or repair other than by Scott will void your warranty. For further information on your SC warranty and helpful care instructions, please reference the warranty card included with your rod.

European Repair Centre

The European Repair Centre for Scott Fly Rods is located at the Norwegian based headquarters of Flyfish Europe. If should have an issue with your Scott rod, or need to send it back for repair . . . don’t worry, the guys Flyfish Europe are here to help! If a return to the factory for repair is ultimately required, this will be managed through Flyfish Europe. 

All Scott Rods purchased via Serious Fishing should be registered through Flyfish Europe.  

>> Register your Rod Warranty <<

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