Gehrke's Xink - Wet Fly Sinkant

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Gehrke's Xink Wet Fly Sinkant

George Gehrke invented xink to make your flies, leaders and tippets sink easily

George has suggested that Xink is wetter than water and will make flies sink quicker then the surrounding water a great asset when trying to get deep quickly.

Also good for applying to nymphs rather than using lead.
The nymph sinks better and behaves better in the current than lead wrapped nymphs and according to sources can catch up to 3 times more fish. A favourite of game anglers the world over.

Use one drop, rub into fly before it gets wet. Flies and Streamers will sink instantly.
Use on sinking fly lines and leaders to fish cruising fish just below the surface.
Dress leader behind fly to depth required. Streamers will fish with hook down, a must for Saltwater & Pike Flies. 

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