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The Olive Nymph, achieved World Wide acclaim after the writings of Frank Sawyer. Yet Sawyer freely admitted that the red copper wire and ruddy pheasant tail herl colour, was not right. But that was sixty years ago, when the quest for translucency relied more upon certain dubbings (Seals fur). But fast forward now and synthetics solved the problem, particularly dyed clear vinyl’s – ‘Flexibody’ ‘Thin Skin’ et al.

So my Baetis nymph took shape. However, my original has a small problem - its weighted with lead wraps in the thoracic region. In spring, your olive nymph often needs to be fishing deeper - virtually at trout neb level!... Happily today the technology is there to make this possible – simply, very easily, and WITHOUT detracting from the nymphs slim silhouette - TINY 1.5mm TUNGSTEN BEADS... two in fact, snugged together, hidden under the thorax dubbing. This simple addition has made a quantum difference to this nymph.

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