Fulling Mill Salty Baitfish Mullet

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The Salty Baitfish Mullet streamer is a simple imitation of a roach or any similar kind of baitfish in fresh and saltwater. It’s ideal for imitating the prey of perch, pike-perch (zander) and pike. All sizes work very well for Perch, depending on the season and available baitfish at the venue you are fishing. In Spring and summer, the smallest size (2) is what you need to catch perch, especially the big ones. The 1/0 can trigger the bigger fish in spring and summer as well but the size 2 is really an all-round size that works all year long.
The two bigger sizes work well for pike-perch and pike, especially when they are not really hungry or feeding on smaller baitfish. This streamer is a true pike killer in brackish waters like on Rügen/Germany, or in Denmark and the South of Sweden during the cold season from October to February when pike are feeding on smaller fish.
The Salty Baitfish Streamer can be fished anyway you want to use it but my favourite animation is the following: Twitch it hard two or three times and let it sink for 3 to 5 seconds, depending on the depth allowing you to do so. Especially when fishing for big perch in cold water and for pike-perch, the extra-long holding phase will be deadly. This colour Mullet is extremely effective when the water is crystal clear and of course on a sunny day.
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